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Shakespeare TITAN MODEL X-15

Shakespeare TITAN MODEL X-15

by Larry Vienneau
1968 Titan X15

Shakespeare bows were designed by Ernie Root, his love of target archery and his talent as competitive archer comes through in this bow design. Root archery had been had been produce bows in the fifties and in the early 1960’s; Ernie Root was hired as a consultant and designer by Shakespeare Archery. If you look at the Shakespeare Kaibab and Ocala, beside the Root Brush Master and Field Master, you will see bows of near identical design. By 1969 Ernie Root left Shakespeare and continued his Root Archery Company. He continued to perfect his Golden Eagle Take-down which was a staple in the hands of many professional archers of the 1960's, as well as his top line target bow...Pendulus Supreme.

1970-71 TitanX15
Shakespeare Archery and Ernie Root produced excellent competition and target bows. The Titan X 15 introduced in 1965, it is very similar to the Professional X10 but did not have stabilizer or sights and is a outstanding mid-priced target bow. The Shakespeare's family of target bows (Titan, Supreme and Professional) was in responses to the Bear Tamerlane, the 1967 riser is beautiful laminations of light Bubinga, Maple and dark Brazilian Rosewood with multi-layered wood tip overlays. In 1967 The Supreme X16 was also introduced. It was the entry level tournament bow and was 66 inch AMO but had many of the characters of the Titan and Professional.

The Titan X15 is one of the few Shakespeare bows to look very much like its predecessor, the X-15. From 1961-64 many of Shakespeare bows were designated with “X” with a number. The X15 1961-64 did evolve quickly. 

In 1965 the bows were redesigned and renamed and often looked nothing like their predecessor. However, the X15 Titan is the exception.  The beautifully sculpted lines of the x-15 were incorporated and perfected in the X15 Titan.  Of the entire Shakespeare Archery Line, the Titan also saw the most radical yearly design changes; the 1968 model is the most striking example. At 66” & 68” AMO and 2 inch wide limbs, it was designed for the target range and was well balanced, very stable, accurate and a fast shooter. 

Titan X15 1965 -1971

1965-67, 1970-71 66”AMO

1968-69 68” AMO

1965-67 30-45 pounds, 
1968-69 30-40 pounds, 
1970-71 25-40 pounds


1965-67 Bubinga and Imbuya,

1968- Rosewood and maple

1969- Bubinga, Seduha, Maple

1970-71 “Exotic” woods and “Space Age” Formica

Tip overlays

1965-67 Benge and maple wood

1968-71 Rosewood and maple

Limbs: 2 inch

Glass: White

 Arrow rest:

1965-68 vertical feathers, Arrow plate calf hair,

1969 Flipper rest

1970-71 adjustable plate and flipper rest

Brace Height: 8 ½ inch

Sight window: 71/2 inch

1968 insert added for M16 Stabilizer

  I posted of the Traditional Archery Forum a question about the bow that William Shatner was shooting in this 1967 photograph.
I got a lot of great suggestions but a few people suggested that he might be shooting a Shakespeare or Root bow. I went into my 1961 & 62 catalogs and it really looks like a 1961 Shakespeare X-15!!
please add comments if you have additional information about this bow.

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  1. A 1969 X-15 Titan was my first target 1969. It was 34# and a really sweet shooting bow.

    1. Do you still own it?
      I am still trying to find my lefty Titan x15.... darned left eye dominance!!

  2. I have the regular x15 . Does anyone know what they are worth?

    1. It depends on the draw weight and the condition